Marci Brown(non-registered)
Awesome Pics! We're next!!!
I really enjoy your photos, which I saw first on You have a terrific eye for composition, color, texture, and contrast, and (obviously) good technical ability too.
Vicki Kechekian(non-registered)
Beautiful images. Do you have a Facebook page that I can 'like'? If not, would you mind if I shared a link to this website on my FB page?
Eric Carter(non-registered)
Absolutely amazing my friend, keep em' coming!
I like how you include pictures of animals in your People category. Beautiful pics.
nimitz benedicto(non-registered)
Hi Chad. Thanks for the link to your awesome pixs/website. I like all of them.
( esp. # 2 7 13 19 20 25 29 & 30. ) Waiting for more inspirational images.
Saw some images from tgr and loved them, reminds me of the high country that I love so much! Thanks for the great fotog and keep it up.
Nicole Hickok(non-registered)
Chad, you are magnificent! What a gift. I can't wait to see what you will add next!
AJ Bothun(non-registered)
So proud of you. You truly have a wonderful gift. Can't wait to see your art as your talents develop even more deeply. I can see from the way you that you shoot, where your heart is!

Luv you,
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